About us

New generation of environmentally friendly toys


PAGL is a revolutionary generation of modern toys that create future of new opportunities. Unique technology and environmentally friendly raw materials – it’s all about PAGL. We chose only safe materials and laconic idea for a developing game of a new generation.

Our toys are simple and do not require additional instructions. Take it and build!

Simplicity, that is able to change the world. It is convenient to store, easy to use, easy to buy, easy to throw. PAGL toys are created from completely renewable resources that do not harm the planet and are safe for your children’s health. Thanks to 3D-modeling technology, PAGL-fastening system allows you to connect toys from different sides and at different angles, and even build a radius walls and roofs. There are no barriers with PAGL! Both adults and children can play with PAGL at home and on the street. Our toys are a fun bail and a pledge of developing your ideas in any company, at any time of the year.

PAGL production is certified according to the quality standard ISO 2001.

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